Erika’s Yacht Agents

Serving St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Our History

Heather Grant is the owner and founder of Erika’s Yacht Agents, a business that offers services to yachts and other clients in the Grenadines. Erika’s came into being in 2000 and has matured and grown since then.

Over the years the business has developed from a small internet café with ancillary telephone and laundry services to a full yacht agency, offering indispensable services to yachts of every size. In particular, Erika’s concentrates on the larger, crewed yachts, both private and chartered, using Heather’s experience of travel and knowledge of the expectations of her clients to allow Erika’s to deliver a product that meets their needs – and in a timely fashion. The well trained support team at Erika’s keeps the operation running smoothly.

Our Values

Heather has a wide range of interests, from animal welfare – a founding member of Southern Grenadines Animal Kindness (SGAK), which operates a shelter for the abused, neglected and sick animals on Union Island, to matters of justice, security, literacy, and promotion of local entrepreneurs. As a volunteer for “Boaters for Books”, she has assisted in the distribution of thousands of books for children in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

A proud Member of Association of Yacht Support Services

Our team

Heather Grant
Managing Director

Founder and director of yacht services

Chille Alexander
Office Manager

Charged with managing staff, coordinating with suppliers, and most importantly, keeping the money straight!

Shereeze Alexander
Provisioning Expert

Places orders, coordinates transportation and deliveries, handles Day Sail enquiries

Iain Grant
Marketing Guru - aka “Mr. Erika’

Our great ideas man and technical wizard

Yinca Alexander
Clearance Specialist

Makes sure our clients enter and leave SVG legally