St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) is not like St. Maarten or St. Barths, with designer shops or casinos. This is the Caribbean as it used to be.  Simpler, gentler – real.  People generally enjoy the beauty of the islands, the snorkelling, the diving, the kiteboarding, the white sand beaches and the wonderful climate.

However, yachts’ guests are also encouraged to explore the non-natural attractions in SVG.  A constant challenge for yacht crews is finding ways to intrigue, excite and entertain their guests – some guests are easier, of course, but some are a challenge.  We are here to help.   

A concierge is a huge resource for the ships – we have the connections, the local knowledge of markets and services, of local sights, of artists and musicians, that will make the yacht’s passage through our region a delight for the guests and owners and stress-free for those who serve them.

One of our principal services, however, has little to do with supply, or advice, or customs/immigration counsel and facilitation.  That service is ‘discretion’.  Your ship, its plans, its guests, its needs, are shared only with those who need-to-know to provide the service.  We respect the privacy of our clients and shelter them from prying eyes.

That’s our job.  We are happy to help.  As in everything else, the more notice we can get the easier the task – but we know that you often don’t get a lot of notice either!

Erika’s concierge services include:

  • Beach BBQs, tennis, golf (in Canouan)
  • Chase lost luggage
  • Entertainment such as a steel pan group on a beach, or onboard
  • Reservations at restaurants and spas
  • Supply Christmas trees for onboard celebrations
  • Tours or tour leaders as needed in any of the islands
  • Tropical flowers to fill the ship with the colours and smells of the Caribbean
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