In coordination with trusted overseas suppliers, Erika’s supplies top quality provisions to super yachts throughout the Grenadines – including locally grown Caribbean produce and fresh fish, such as the local specialty lobsters “langoustes”.

Every order is bespoke, prepared to your specifications and delivered directly to your yacht.  The layout of the Grenadines islands – there are several islands spread over 40 miles – means that sometimes between the time we receive your order and the time it is delivered, the yacht has moved.   We go to great lengths, employing ferries, water taxis and sometimes planes to ensure that your order is delivered as quickly as possible to retain the freshness of the products.

The other two features of the Grenadines to keep in mind are the remoteness of the country, compelling us to look afar for some provisions, and the rather stringent laws governing the importation of foodstuffs and flowers.  We need time to obtain the various government departments’ approvals when bringing in provisions from other countries.  We are continually striving to have the rules streamlined for the special requirements that yachts have.

Not only do we supply fish, meat, water, wine, cheeses, bread and all the usual food items that people need, but are frequently asked for tobacco & cigars, cleaning products & toiletries, as well as general boat provisions.  We know that a yacht is a microcosm of a village or city, with the same needs as those based ashore.  Whatever your request, we are here to help support your efforts and to make your job easier.

In acknowledging the world’s trend to source as much food locally as possible, we are proactive in suggesting that chefs use local, tropical produce and fish.  We have excellent sources of fresh produce in the Grenadines and are delighted to help you find new and interesting ways of preparing and serving our delicious local foods.  To this end, we have produced a small book, “Erika’s Guide – Caribbean Food and Drink”, now in its second edition.  It is attached as a PDF here.  We hope you will find it useful and informative.

We are here to help you work through the requests of demanding clients – we know how difficult your jobs can be at times – and will endeavour to source the most difficult products and services in a timely fashion.  We are used to it and actually enjoy the challenge!

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